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This page informs you of additional information regarding our processes.


We take your paper and convert it to digital and all files and papers are available at your fingertips during the entire process. We provide easy to read and navigate Acrobat pdf documents that are then uploaded to our secure servers. You can then access your account on the cloud at any time. It’s that simple!


Getting your paperwork to Paperless Solutions is so easy – No file preparation needed. Just choose the option that’s best for you.

Option 1 – Give us a call so that we can answer any questions and give you a quote.
Option 2 – Discuss free local pickup of your files (25 mile radius) and/or discuss pickup cost
Option 3 – Use the shipper of your choice and send them yourself… You can also drop off the Prepaid shippers & boxes at any U.P.S. store or U.P.S. bin.


At Paperless Solutions, conversion of your documents is safe, secure, accurate and private. Every pre-paid shipper has unique barcode tracking from your door to ours. Upon arrival, your documents are sub-barcoded and tracked through-out our entire system. Preparation and scanning of your documents is handled by our Certified Document Conversion Specialists who completed a 90 day training program assuring meticulous and accurate conversion. Our comprehensive FBI fingerprinted background check and confidentiality & privacy training assures your information is safe and secure. Your files are available to you at any time during our scanning process.


Once your documents have been prepared and converted by our Certified Specialists they are sent to our Quality Assurance department. At Paperless Solutions we triple check everything for accuracy by comparing the scanned images to the originals. Once approved, your new digital files can be emailed, stored on DVDs, and are uploaded to our secure, password protected servers. 30 days after receipt of your digital files, we shred and recycle the paper.


Once your paper has been picked up, converted and your new digital files delivered, we wait thirty days then we shred and recycle the paper. Don’t let your paper just sit there taking up space. Go Green with us. Place an order or request a quote to get started.


If you have any questions about the process, please contact us.